Learning by Doing: Transitions Into PBL

Learning by Doing: A Teacher Transitions Into PBL I have been a high school English teacher for 15 years. Every year, I try to do something a little different because I like learning from the process. After teaching AP Literature for a while, I became an AP Reader. Then, I presented at a national conference. … Read moreLearning by Doing: Transitions Into PBL

5 Solid Platforms for Smart Parent Communication

5 Solid Platforms for Smart Parent-Teacher Communication Optimizing parent-teacher communication strategy is much easier with the right tools. With so many options, it’s hard for teachers to make a choice. The five below are some of the best. Hopefully this quick and simple list makes it a bit easier. Classloom Classloom is a free social networking … Read more5 Solid Platforms for Smart Parent Communication

Help Students Start Stories With Word Mover

Word Mover is designed to help students develop poems and short stories. When students open Word Mover they are shown a selection of words that they can drag onto a canvas to construct a poem or story. Word Mover provides students with eight canvas backgrounds on which they can construct their poems. http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2013/08/help-students-start-stories-with-word.html?m=1#.UgRhN2RVCZw