1. Survival on the Moon– Activity
  2. The Earth Sun Moon System – Activity
  3. Distances of the planets – Calculate the distances of the planets.
  4. Calculate your weight and age on the planets.
  5. Science Resource Alignment – Georgia Standards
  6. PI Day Activities
  7. Math Aligned Resources
  8. NASA Robot Arm End Effector  – Build your own robotic arm
  9. NASA Robot Arm – Popsicle Sticks
  10. 3-2-1 Pop Rocket – Alkaseltzer (c) Rocket
  11. Space Grasshopper – Newton’s Laws Origami
  12. Lung Model – Create a working model of the respiratory system.
  13. Rotor Motor – NASA Paper Rotor Template
  14. Edible Rocks –  “Observe and describe physical characteristics of an edible sample in preparation for describing rock or meteorite samples.”