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Jan 17

100th Day of School Activity

Hundred Board Logic puzzles for small groups or individual students. #100thday

Aug 26

Understanding math instruction for parents

How to help parents understand
“new” math instruction.


Go deeper: With Common Core fractions are more than invert and multiply. Read the article from Edweek.

Aug 02

Procedural fluency?

What is procedural fluency? The National Council for Teachers of Mathematics provides their position statement. Read the article here.

Jul 31

Don’t teach math, coach it!

Don’t teach math coach it. New York Times article

Jul 24

Double doses of math yield diminishing returns

Double dose of math.

Jun 26

Science and Soccer

Are you ready for some Futbol, FIFA style? Check out these links to connection of science and soccer. I believe that we will win!  

Jun 08

The power of mistakes.

Checkout what you can learn from mistakes and uncover their power.

Jun 06

GA DOE Summer Reading List

2014 GA DOE Summer Reading list.

Jun 04

Milestones for CRCT

GA Milestones, will it replace the CRCT?

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